Grey Economy Committee

The Grey Economy Committee is established to support and partner with the Government of Montenegro in finding both regulatory and practical solutions to reducing the Grey Market in Montenegro.

The Committee renders advice, in coordination with other international organizations and other business groups, on legislation relevant to the area of Grey Economy. Moreover, the Committee actively advocates for the proper implementation of existing laws, which would result in significantly reducing the Grey Economy in Montenegro

Likewise, one of the goals of this Committee is to educate relevant stakeholders, in improving their skills and knowledge about the law implementation and the most effective methods for reducing the Grey Economy, as well as to raise public awareness about the effects that the Grey Market has on the Montenegrin economy.

The Grey Economy Committee cooperates with the Montenegrin authorities, international organizations and business groups in their efforts to reduce the Grey Market in Montenegro and encourages greater regional cooperation on sharing the best practices in reducing the Grey Economy.

AmCham Grey Economy Committee Members:

Vidak Stanić, Crnogorski Telekom, Chair
Svetlana Vuksanović, Philip Morris, Vice-Chair

Oliver Obradović, Microsoft Montenegro
Vladan Tabaš, Čikom
Milka Jovanović, Deloitte
Nikolina Kažić, Karanović & Nikolić
Sonja Guzina, Karanović & Nikolić
Jelena Bogetić, BDK legal
Katarina Bulatović, Deloitte
Andrea Radonjić, Coca-Cola HBC