Real Estate Committee

Real Estate Committee is established to address challenges in the real estate sector of Montenegro. This group is focused on removing business barriers as it concerns real estate development. This Committee aims to promote an investor-friendly environment in Montenegro.

The Committee initiates changes in legislation and practice in the real estate area in Montenegro. It has a mission in educating and raising awareness of other AmCham members, as well as state administration and other relevant stakeholders in this field.

AmCham Real Estate Committee does research and shares international experience and best practices with other relevant stakeholders in Montenegrin real estate sector.

AmCham Real Estate Committee members:

Savo Đurović, Adriatic Marinas, Chair
Ivana Božović, Bay View Investments, Vice-Chair

Goran Darmanović , Čelebić
Spomenka Šotra, Luštica Development
Maja Velimirović Petrović, Atlas Group
Ratko Radonjić , Zetagradnja
Luka Popović, BDK Legal
Stefan Lučić, Karanović/Nikolić
Igor Vujačić, Stratex
Dragan Prelević, Prelević Law Firm