Advocacy Program

AmCham advocates for a consistent and transparent legal and regulatory framework. AmCham advocacy efforts primarly stand for emphasizing the importance of the equal market access. Continued cooperation with the Government and other business associations, as well as engaged stakeholders, is pivotal in creating a better business climate.

Working with members to establish a collective voice and communicate positions on the business climate to government officials, business associations, media, and others is considered to be one of the most important roles of AmCham Montenegro.

Advocacy Committees and working groups are established to address public policy in Montenegro. These groups are established as either permanent or ad hoc committees that handle specific areas of business.

How We Do It

AmCham currently has five active committees:

As part of our advocacy program, AmCham Montenegro produces a Business Climate Report every other year, which is based on member views on the current business conditions.

AmCham organizes round tables and conferences in order to exchange information amongst stakeholders and to gain a better understanding of laws, procedures, and regulations in Montenegro.

Working with the Government of Montenegro and establishing contacts throughout the Government is vital to conducting AmCham’s advocacy program. AmCham’s network is well established within the Government and continues to be developed through regular written and face-to-face communication.