Thanksgiving Charity Cocktail

Each fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated. In the modern age, this national holiday is an important date for all those who wish to express appreciation to family, friends, community and gratitude for all successes achieved.

For this occasion, each year in November, AmCham Office organizes Thanksgiving Charity Cocktail to express our gratitude to our member companies for all the activities they undertake within AmCham Committees, directed at improving the business environment in Montenegro. Likewise, we would like to further promote joined activities in the field of the Corporate Social Responsibility domain, in order to improve the Montenegrin social environment.

AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has chosen to tackle issues regarding education, protection of marginalized groups and environtmental protection as its main focus. Among these three areas, the Committee will select a particular cause for the donation initiative organized within Thanksgiving Charity Coctail.

All income from tickets sold and from additional generous donations for the Thanksgiving Charity Coctail, will be used towards contribution to the particular cause defined by the AmCham Corporate Social Responsibilty Committee.