Minister Pavle Radulović guest of the Amcham’s business luncheon

Minister Pavle Radulović guest of the Amcham’s business luncheon



Minister Pavle Radulović guest of the Amcham’s business luncheon

The new Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Structures simplified bureaucracy procedures

(Podgorica, October 5th, 2018) – Business community’s and citizens’ suggestions that the bureaucracy procedures, especially in the area of construction and real estate, should be simplified are resolved in the new Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Structures, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism H.E. Pavle Radulović assessed.

The Minister was a guest on a business luncheon, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), in order to provide their members with news and the possibility to ask the Minister about tourism, real estate, sustainable development and environmental protection.

“The first change is the fact that we will have only two plans – one spatial plan of the state, and the other general regulation plan. Legal security and certainty on what is in the plan is now bigger. We do not have planning that is divided into 24 municipalities, plus the Ministry, it is already all in one place. We do not have building permits anymore, nor the long processes of acquiring them, nor the parts of unnecessary technical documentation which was needed in order to get that permit. Many things were simplified and the important thing is that we shared the responsibilty with the private sector”, the Minister stated.

The President of AmCham, Mrs. Katarina Bulatovic, emphasized the importance of the synergy process inside the state administration which is necessary for the better implementation of legal norms.

“It is necessary to work on building capacities and training of the inspection services, suppression of the gray economy, and in final to create legal security in order to attract and retain investors in Montenegro”, Mrs. Bulatovic explained.

Chargé d’ Affaires a.i. of the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro, H.E. Judy Kuo, highlighted the significance of increasing transparency of development plans and policies, reducing regulatory obstacles and protection of the environment.

It is a good time to do business in Montenegro.  The economy is growing and foreign investment is on the rise, especially in the tourism industry. Regionally, Montenegro enjoys peaceful relations with all of its neighbors, providing a safe investment climate. We were especially encouraged to see the recent data that investment in Montenegro from NATO-member countries is on the rise, and so is the number of tourists from NATO countries”, Mrs. Kuo said.

She pointed out the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration where she sees the future of Montenegrin economy.

“…That topic brings us to the vital role of AmCham. For ten years, AmCham has supported Montenegro’s economic development and advocated for business interests in partnership with the government.  This partnership will become even more important as Montenegro attracts greater interest from American investors”, Mrs. Kuo concluded.

Minister Radulovic has said that in enacting the regulations and law, the Ministry exceptionally uses suggestions and practice experiencesreceived from AmCham.

“MSDT mostly collaborates with AmCham in the matters of construction, waste management, as well as finding the most optimal solutions for improving the market environment and

establishment clear business rules“, Mr. Radulovic pointed out.

Mrs. Bulatovic explained that the members of AmCham gave their contribution in the preparations of the new Waste Management Law which is currently on a public discussion.

It is necessary to work on capacity building of the utility sector and local governments, in order to promote the management system of packaging waste and fulfill the national objects prescribed by the law“,  Mrs. Bulatovic said.

AmCham celebrates ten years of its existence this year. This business association, which today gathers 80 members of the U.S., international and local companies in Montenegro, was founded in 2008 with the purpose of improving the business environment in order to attract more U.S. and other foreign investments.