AmCham/ME-net Digital Marketing Workshop

AmCham/ME-net Digital Marketing Workshop



AmCham/ME-net Digital Marketing Workshop

How to use digital marketing to increase your company’s visibility and image? How to attract target customers? How to create quality content for your website, blog and social media? These and many other questions were discussed during the AmCham/Me-net Digital Marketing workshop for AmCham members, organized on October 9, at ME-net premises.

AmCham members from different industries, such as real estate, tourism, media, finance, IT and pharmaceutical industry attended this workshop in order to gain insight into the latest global trends in digital marketing. Our lecturers, digital marketing experts from ME-net: Luka Radunović, Sanja Gardašević, Nataša Đukanović and Jovan Đukanović, presented the most important aspects of digital marketing strategies nowadays.

The most important advantages of digital vs. traditional media lie in the possibility to clearly define target groups, measure your results, cut costs significantly, monitor campaigns in real time and have a longer content life cycle than with traditional media. Furthermore, the member companies learned about the new H2H (Human-to-Human) marketing approach. The modern customer requires a much more personalized communication with companies similar to the interaction with people. This approach leads to creating brand ambassadors who continue to further promote the company. Finally, this kind of word-of-mouth promotion is one of the most effective ways to win customers attention and maintain their loyalty in perspective.

Content marketing vs. Traditional MArketing

Why is digital marketing so important for businesses?

The answer is simple. Digital is everywhere. People communicate online most of the time. However, companies should keep in mind that it is not only important that you communicate with your customers, but rather HOW you communicate. Creating the perfect content for digital media is a challenge for most companies. It requires a creative and consistent communication strategy with well written, personal, concise content which offers solutions to customers. Nevertheless, you must pay attention on how you deliver your messages. Research shows that 75% of clients make conclusions about company’s credibility based on their website. Likewise, for 94% of the clients, design influences the most their first impression about the website.

The workshop also presented the Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) for marketing managers, focusing mostly on Return of Investment (ROI), Website Conversion Rate, Cost Per Lead By Source, Revenue Per Lead Per Source, percentage of Sales from Digital etc. Through a series of practical examples and case studies, the presenters showcased how good content and blog management can lead your company promotion to the next level.

We thank ME-net for a great workshop and all participants for engaging in the discussion, thus making it an interactive learning experience! For more details regarding the topics and information obtained at the workshop, we invite you to visit ME-net’s blog.


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